Hilton Foundation Tour

Hilton Foundation’s state-of-the-art Agoura Hills campus is designed to be net zero energy. The project exceeds LEED Platinum and is a great real-world example of the latest sustainable building features, including a natural ventilation system (passive cooling), automated window shades, green roof, solar panels, and rainwater recycling. It excels past the idea of being green, with the use of integrating all these systems into one whole.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Headquarters is unique it that is is net-zero, uses an integrated energy system, all while keeping in harmony with their natural surroundings. Since the overall goal of this campus was to go beyond the then current standards of green and sustainable buildings, this facility was built with a natural, fan-less buoyancy system for their heating and cooling. As the air for the building cools, it drops and flows throughout the building. Heat in the building rises up and is extruded out of the highest point of the building. The green roof on the building utilizes succulents which aids the cooling system by absorbing heat and insulating the roof. The solar water array on top of the building that provides heated water for the centralized heating system.

The Hilton Foundation campus is a testimony to their commitment to Sustainability and service to the community. The GBCSC tour was only for the first phase of a four-phase campus plan. The second phase is now underway and we look forward to seeing all of the new and cutting edge innovations that will be included in their next build!

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