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12th Annual California Climate & Energy Forum

August 3-19 2021

Transforming Tomorrow Together

Weaving recovery, equity, and public health into local energy and climate work.

The dilemmas of 2020 are not yet behind us. From ongoing budgetary challenges to the systemic issues of racism and environmental injustice that have been illuminated, together local climate and energy practitioners must take decisive action to create a brighter, cleaner, and safer tomorrow for all. Making meaningful progress towards our clean energy vision requires us to embrace the challenging task of advancing holistic energy efficiency solutions, creating authentic relationships with communities, and lifting up viable climate and energy strategies that deliver tangible benefits. Promising pathways continue to emerge for local governments to strengthen their ongoing efforts with new partnerships, resources, policy solutions, and recovery strategies.

The virtual forum will focus on pivotal opportunities for local climate and energy practitioners to address the climate crisis in ways that result in lasting, institutional changes centered around equity and community wellbeing. The forum will create space to recognize the reality that people in our communities are living in today from the effects of climate change, historic and ongoing systemic inequities, COVID-19 impacts, and beyond. By doing so, local governments can focus on these interconnected issues to highlight local solutions and catalyze transformative change through collaboration.

The 12th Annual CCEC Forum, taking place in August 2021, will feature topics weaving recovery, equity and public health into local climate and energy work. The forum will spotlight progress and best practices through the tracks of Holistic Climate/Energy Planning and Readiness, Equitable Decarbonization, and Just Clean Energy Transition. We invite you to join fellow climate and energy practitioners from across California to collaborate on Transforming Tomorrow Together.

For more information and to register, please visit:


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