Northrup Grumman Site Visit & Tour

GBCSC at Northrup Grumman

Northrum Grumman Aerospace Systems hosted the GBCSC's second quarter meeting of 2017 on Tuesday, April 4th. GBCSC Members got to tour their Palmdale site, a world-class facility that provides assembly, integration, testing and long-term maintenance capabilities for some of the world's most advanced aircraft, including B-2 Spirit, F-35 Lighting II and RQ-4 Global Hawk.

Northrum Grumman's Palmdale site was the first aerospace zero waste certified site (90% waste diverted from landfill) and was the 2013 Assembly Line of the Year for F-35 received the 2015 Zero Waste Initiative Award

Northrum Grumman showcased their commitment to achieving the greeNG 2020 goals which include: - Reducing absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 30% from 2010 levels; - Reducing absolute potable water use 20% from 2014 levels; and - Achieving a 70% solid waste diversion rate (percentage of total solid waste that is diverted from landfill).

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