Aquatica San Diego Cuts the Electrical Cord with Company’s First Solar Panel Installation

The company’s first solar panel installation will take shape at Aquatica San Diego, in time for the 2018 operating season. The project will include approximately 3,780 solar panels, generating 80%-90% of the park’s annual energy use and lowering utility costs. The renewable energy from the sun will reduce SeaWorld’s CO2 emissions by over 10,000 metric tons over the life of the system (approximately 20 years), equal to removing 124 passenger vehicles off the road. This is important to SeaWorld, as increasing carbon emissions have been linked to ocean acidification and declining coral reefs.

The elevated solar panels will also provide more than 400 shaded parking spots for both guests and employees.

“We opened Aquatica San Diego five years ago and have continually been making improvements for our guests including the opening of an exciting, new water slide a few years ago,” said Carlos Cuevas, vice president of Aquatica. “The addition of solar panels that will power almost the entire park is a reminder to our guests of the role we can all play in helping conserve California’s precious natural resources.”

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