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CBS Receives a 2017 SDCE Green Supply Chain Award

Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the executive's user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, has selected CBS as a recipient of an SDCE Green Supply Chain Award for 2017.

The Green Supply Chain Award recognizes companies making green or sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy, and are working to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their own operations and supply chains. The awards also recognize providers of supply chain solutions and services assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals.

Sustainability has long been a driving force at CBS. The Eye on the Environment is a year-round campaign to conserve resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve well-being across CBS. Each year a new focus will promote everyday sustainability by highlighting a series of smart and easy solutions. This year we are focusing on a greener office. We’re offering simple ways to reduce our environmental impact while saving money.

CBS is driving greener dollars into its supply chain by influencing spend at the business unit-level with the CBS Eye on the Environment program. The main driver this year is our “1, 2, 3, GREEN” campaign in partnership with three preferred vendors in the office category. In the inaugural year, the three step campaign is: 1) switch to double-sided printing with help from our printer/copier partner; 2) choose paper with recycled content from our office supplies provider; and 3) opt for ground shipping instead of air with our parcel service. These eco-actions were promoted with events, contests, program video and email marketing. The report cards track progress on these key initiatives as well as company-wide rankings.

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