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Before the Flood

The Green Business Council of Southern California Board would like to invite you to watch the National Geographic Channel special produced by Leonardo DiCaprio regarding Climate Crisis.

BEFORE THE FLOOD - click to watch the entire special online.

The following is a message from Leo himself:

As an actor, I play fictitious characters confronting fictitious challenges. But I am writing you today about an issue that is very close to me personally—one that is anything but make believe: climate change. As an activist and UN Messenger of Peace for Climate, I am proud to stand with hundreds of millions of people around the world—people just like you—who are joining together to confront environmental dangers unlike anything humanity has ever faced. Part of my role as an activist is to bring awareness to this issue. This Sunday my new documentary on the climate crisis, Before the Flood, will premiere worldwide on the National Geographic Channel at 9pm Eastern (check local listings). You can also watch online: I invite you to join the Environmental Defense Fund and me to watch.

Directed by Academy Award-Winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens, this 90-minute documentary takes viewers on a hopeful journey around the world to examine in-depth science and research currently underway to find a solution, explore the changes already taking place on our planet, and hear from passionate activists and leaders involved in a global struggle for action. As I wrote in a joint op-ed with EDF President Fred Krupp published in the Guardian in April, the Paris Climate Agreement, with its goal of limiting global warming to 2C, is a historic breakthrough. But we can and must "strive for the even more ambitious limit of 1.5C in the coming years, to avoid catastrophic impacts to those least capable of adapting and potentially losing entire island nations to rising seas." This is a serious and unyielding challenge. But I believe if each of us who cares about this issue remains committed to it, then our voices will help accelerate progress and unleash renewable energy innovation to provide a safer and prosperous future for everyone. And we all need to take action this fall vote to elect officials who believe in science and understand the very real urgency of these challenges. I hope you'll watch Before the Flood. And please help spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends and family and/or sharing our graphic on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

Thank you for being part of our global movement for climate action.

Sincerely, Leonardo DiCaprio


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