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Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Visit

Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems in El Segundo, CA hosted the Green Business Council of Southern California October 2016 Quarterly Meeting.

  • Raytheon EHSS shared its sustainability vision.

  • Corporate Responsibility Report:

  • As an enterprise, we exceeded or met 14 of our 15 sustainability goals in 2015, and used these results as a baseline for aggressive 2020 goals.

  • Selected 2020 Sustainability Goals include:

  • Reduce GHG emissions by 12%,

  • Increase renewable energies by 5%,

  • Reduce supplier packaging waste by 10%,

  • Increase solid waste diversion rate to 82%, and

  • Achieve Zero Waste certification for 20 sites.

  • Some examples of programs in place for meeting these goals include:

  • Facility infrastructure upgrades (heating, cooling, LED lights, Smart Building operations)

  • Commuter Services program (carpool, vanpool, bike- or walk-to-work, EV charging stations)

  • Reuse (donations, surplus sales) and specialized recycling programs (e-waste, batteries, nitrile gloves, writing instruments).

  • Raytheon Facilities presented its employee and community engagement initiatives.

  • Highlights include:

  • Using our internal social media platform, Rspace, to educate and share information with employees.

  • Sending energy conservation reminders to employees before holiday breaks, long weekends, or when California ISO issues an energy flex alert.

  • Hosting annual Energy Fair and Earth Day Fair events in October and April, respectively.

  • Holding an annual Youth Sustainability poster contest at the Boys and Girls Club, in which children age 6 to 14 draw their vision of a sustainable home, school, or world.

  • Raytheon hosted a site tour.

  • Viewed on-site energy operations, including Smart Building control center.

  • Viewed one of Raytheon’s electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Compass Group (Eurest) presented on its sustainability program.

  • Highlights include:

  • A web-based tool that allows Compass operations to create customizable strategies to improve energy, water, and waste performance at cafés.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions of different menu options available at cafés (see infographic below).

  • Athens Services presented on its sustainable waste management strategies.

  • Highlights include:

  • A discussion about California’s new commercial organics recycling law, AB1826.

  • Best practices for meeting a company’s waste diversion goals.

  • Write goals into bid solicitations with waste hauler/janitorial company/contractors

  • Assemble a team of waste champions

  • Educate all employees with goals and regular updates

  • Work upstream to reduce packaging and switch to consumables that support waste diversion goals.

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