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Boise Project UP - Elysian Park, Los Angeles

Boise Paper and Office Depot are sponsoring with the City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation and the Arbor Day Foundation. On Saturday, October 15, 2016, we will be planting 100 drought resistant trees in Elysian Park. If you are not familiar with Elysian Park it is next to Dodger Stadium and is over 600 acres in size. The park has been hit hard by the current draught with over 1000 dead trees. The city is in the process of removing these dead trees and preparing the park for our tree planting. Over the past few years Boise Paper has given back to local communities through Project UP. Through Project UP Boise works with the Arbor Day Foundation to identify a park that has been falling apart typically in a low income community. Many volunteers come together and plant trees, bushes, and build picnic benches for the park. Each park has different needs, some need trees, some need bushes, some need picnic benches, some need all three. For Elysian Park we are just planting trees.

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