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Disneyland Backstage Sustainability

The Disneyland Resort hosted the Green Business Council Southern California Environmental Conference 2014.

The morning session included three guest speakers.

Fedele Bauccio cofounded Bon Appétit Management Company. Bon Appétit have revolutionized the food service industry both by introducing fresh, made-from-scratch food to the contract market and by pioneering environmentally and socially responsible practices

Designed to create a more sustainable food system.

Elena Pfarr the Director of Environmental Services for Macy’s, Inc. Macy’s, Inc., believe that contributing to a more sustainable environment is good business practice and the right thing to do for future generations and establish an environmental program to reduce energy by two percent per year, install additional solar power on Macy’s facilities and Increase the amount of their waste diverted from landfills to 70 percent by 2018.

Melanie Boyle the Manager of Sustainability for Cintas Corporation. Sustainability is an essential core value throughout Cintas but it’s also important for Cintas to partner with communities and organizations that share their commitment to environmental stewardship. Cintas Industrial Laundry provides 20% Water Savings, 12% Energy Savings and there facilities have heat reclaimers that reclaim 95% of waste heat from boilers allowing Cintas to use virtually no additional energy to heat incoming water.

The afternoon session included a three hour backstage Disneyland Environmental Tour including Waste Diversion, Recycling and Earth Friendly Landscaping.

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