HP, Inc. Rancho Bernardo Facility Site Tour

HP Inc.'s Elisa Varela hosted the GBCSC (formerly known as SCSC) on September 11, 2013. The event began with an overview presentation on the Rancho Bernardo site including history and sustainable/environmental milestones and goals include waste management, employee garden, volunteer programs and much more. HP also presented material on the site’s solar panel installation and benefits since September 2008 as well as HP’s overall recycling services for all HP electronics in the US as well as shared a video on HP’s recycling services in Kenya.

After lunch, the attendees were treated to a tour of just part of the 72 acre HP campus Rancho Bernardo. The tour included employee garden, environmentally driven campus cafeteria plus composting efforts, roof top solar panels and solar inversion pads, ink technology lab and management of toxic materials as well as much much more.

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