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Nestle Water Wind Turbine & Bottling Plant

Nestle Waters N.A hosted the Green Business Council of Southern California’s May 2013 Quarterly meeting at its first two on-site Wind Turbines in the world at Cabazon California bottled water plant

Nestlé is celebrating its first wind energy project in the world with the hosting of two wind turbines at its Nestlé Waters North American (NWNA) bottling plant in Cabazon, Calif. The turbines will provide wind power for 30 percent of the facility where the company produces its Arrowhead and Nestle Pure Life brand bottled waters.

Hosting wind turbines at our bottling plants is a critical step for Nestlé Waters to support the increased use of renewable energy. This latest effort in conjunction with our partnership with Foundation Windpower is consistent with our practices to reduce our environmental footprint.

NWNA chose this location for its turbines, because of the high wind potential. The two 1.6 megawatt GE wind turbines in Cabazon will produce an average of 12,900,000 kilowatt hours annually, powering the equivalent of 1,100 U.S. homes. The project will also save 7,320 tons of CO2 emissions, offsetting the equivalent emissions from 20,687 oil barrels and saving the equivalent of 1,897 acres of trees.

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