Walt Disney Studios Burbank Site Tour

The Green Business Council of Southern California (then called the Sustainability Council of Southern California) had the quarterly board meeting at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. After the meeting, Board Chairman Allen Schuman lead the group on a tour of the facility.

Carbon Footprint In 2013, Disney continued their commitment to achieve a 50% reduction of direct greenhouse gas emissions. . In 2013, Disney direct emissions were 915,764 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2eq). To make progress toward the target, Disney “retired” 457,882 metric tons CO2eq in carbon credits generated.

Scrap Food Composting Disney Burbank Studios has been collecting compostables from the commissary operations since 2008. Food waste composting is absolutely critical to reaching zero waste. Disney Burbank Studios has been collecting compostables from commissary operations for about five years. Materials are hauled for processing to Community Recycling in Sun Valley, which operates a composting facility in Lamont, near Bakersfield, CA. The company furnished hundreds of bags of finished compost which were given to employees at Disney Earth Day Fairs in April 2013.

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