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Capital Group Sustainability Tour

The Capital Group Sustainable Initiatives and Tour

27 offices around the world

Sustainable initiatives started with a small group of passionate associates in the London office formed a Green Committee in 2006. In 2007 Management endorsed them and implemented green programs regionally. Lighting, working towards LEED certifications, green meetings, recycling, paper use, solar, consumables, traveling (carbon offsetting), etc were all implemented and an internal company green website was created showcasing each offices efforts.

Annual Earth Day events include seedling distributions, compost distribution, community involvement, low-carbon diet menu, reusable mug decoration competition, CD/DVD exchange, clothing/eyeglasses/cell phone donations.

Irvine complex uses “veggieauraus” a food dehydrating/compost machine inside their cafeteria (ECO-250). They put green dots inside offices and conference rooms indicating the use of optimal lighting for less energy use, use natural lighting with lots of windows with shaded treatments or perforated blinds; cooling towers on site use reclaimed water for process cooling and reclaimed water for landscape. The use of waterless urinals saves approximately 1.5 mg/y of water. A 1megawatt photovoltaic system is used as well as a 6mega watt emergency backup generator system that can power the campus for a week. In their cafeteria they have a “Farm to Table” section where associates can see the name of the farm the food came from and is sourced within 150 miles of campus. These are just a few of the many initiatives The Capital Group are incorporating in to their company’s sustainable practices.

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