Lockheed Martin Sustainability Tour

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company in Palmdale hosted the Green Business Council of Southern California’s May 2016 Quarterly Meeting. The day was led by GBCSC General Member Michael Haro for Lockheed Martin’s Corporate Sustainability Team and their local Environment, Safety &Health Team as ESH Principal Engineer

Lockheed Martin shared several best practice examples of their Sustainability program including Green Lockheed Martin, Business Life Cycle, B2G Program, Design for ESH and their Skunk Works division which has over 70 years of Innovative Aircraft design, receiving 7 Collier Trophies for greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America.

Lockheed Martin has several facilities in California, one of them, the Helendale Measurement Facility, has 9 endangered species which Lockheed Martin is responsible for protecting; a biological survey conducted by Tetra Tech in May 2011 revealed an abundant desert tortoise population due to security measures at the site which prevent habitat destruction.

Employee engagement activities include clever videos starring employees that focus on recycling and reduction of water, energy and greenhouse gases; a recent tree give a way event to celebrate Earth Day was well attended by employees. Computers and peripherals are repurposed to schools if still in working order; non- usable electronics are recycled using a corporate-approved vendor. Many Lockheed Martin buildings are LEED Gold and new buildings have to be at least LEED Silver and feature the use of waterless urinals, dual flush toilets, advanced cooling tower water treatment technologies.

Lockheed Martin participates in several Community Outreach Programs including:

MEEC (Mojave Environmental Education Consortium) that do teacher workshops, essay contests, scholarships, etc., Santa Clarita Environmental Education Consortium focuses on middle school to high school poster projects at the annual Green STEM Summit, Antelope Valley High School District Student Intern Partnership, Lockheed Martin helped sponsor California Envirothon in May 2016 where teams of 5 high school students throughout CA (11 teams) compete in 5 field stations investigating invasive species, soils, aquatic ecology, forestry and wild life.

Lockheed Martin Facts:

Lockheed Martin is overseen by 26 regulatory agencies at its six California locations

Lockheed Martin has been ISO 14001 Certified since 2004:

Lockheed Martin’s ESH management system uses a Risk Based, Life Cycle Approach

The new ISO 14001:2015 standard emphasizes leadership engagement, sustainability, lifecycle assessment, social responsibility, stakeholder engagement, environmental performance and management of change (e.g., employee turnover)

Lockheed Martin Green Technology

Cargo Hybrid Airship

Air Mobility – use of JP8 jet fuel is saving $9 billion in jet fuel/year and 400 million gallons per year

Microvanes – a technology to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency

Biomimicry – designs based on mimicking biological aspects in certain projects

Compact Fusion

Tidal Energy/ Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Detailed information on energy technologies can be found at http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/what-we-do/energy.html

Lockheed Martin sustainability approach: Foster Innovation, Integrity and Security to strengthen Communities, protect the environment and propel responsible growth. Their 2015 sustainability report can be found online at http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/who-we-are/sustainability.html

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