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Sustainable Supply Chain: Better Business, Better World

Our main goal at the Green Business Council of Southern California is to promote sustainable practices in the business world. We gather information and already-successful green practices to coalesce into workshops, tours, and other educational opportunities. And through education, empowerment and collaboration, we aim to inspire the implementation of sustainable practices in the work world. 


Bettering us. Bettering our lives. And bettering the future. 

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Who is GBCSC?

The Green Business Council of Southern California is an organization of people that take their environmentally-friendly ways of life and integrate that with their work lives.  Representatives from different corporations consolidate environmental practices to promote, teach, and implement in order lead by example. Ultimately, we are a committee of dedicated individuals whose ultimate goal is to advocate and uphold sustainable practices within the business environment.


To get up-close and personal to the individuals that lead and spearhead the tasks that the Green Business Council of Southern California undertakes, go take a look at the board members under the “Board” tab.

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